About Me

About Me

About the Blog

‘(Over)Thinking Out Loud’ is meant to be a light philosophical blog, somewhere between philosophy and pop culture – philosophical ideas that everyone can enjoy and relate to. The ideas that I write here are inspired by what I encounter in daily life, and while I put some effort into the analysis, it’s not that I am making a whole research and thesis about them. All of my ideas are open discussions, so if you want to, feel free to challenge my ideas.

About Me

Me as a kid

Ido Flaishon

Born: 14 Dec 1987

From: Israel

Living: Berlin, Germany

I was “overthinking” ever since I can remember. Analyzing any subject is a way of life for me. Sometimes it feels like there is a process that is always running in the background of my head making sure there is nothing left unanalyzed. I think that my first proper philosophical thoughts started around middle school. Back then I didn’t know I was speaking philosophy, I just kept on walking in circles around the school building at school breaks, talking endlessly about different subjects with my friend. We called Philosophy “The Spark of Wisdom”.

Me as philosopher

Since then, I’ve done my bachelors in Philosophy & Computer Science. My thesis was on the subject of Weakness of Will, and my mission was trying to show that it is mostly a rational phenomenon. I admire a lot of philosophers for different reasons. I love Emanuelle Kant, for his ideas and his thorough work. I admire Erich Fromm, for his “Art of Loving”, for a unique and accurate analysis of love, but even more so for how he managed to simplify his philosophical work in a manner that ensures anyone could read it. I find Nietche a role model as well, not for his ideas, but for his passion that burns through the pages. Lastly, I find a lot of merit in the Dialogs of Socrates/Plato, where I find a patience that I tend to lack when I argue. The area of philosophy I deal with most, I would argue is not well defined within Philosophy. I call it “Human Nature”, but it is a mix of Philosophy of Morals, Metaphysics, Psychology, and Sociology.

My life goal is to eventually complete a philosophy book I was trying to write since I was 15. I had many versions of it, all of them thrown away at some point, all but the last. I decided to write my book from bottom to top, and name it “how not to write my book”. This way, I don’t feel like throwing it away, and eventually, I will have an overview of how should it be written. However, it will take years for me to complete the book I believe, and sometimes I feel like writing something outside the scope of my book. I have written many small philosophical thoughts that I deem not deserving a spot in my book or a deeper analysis than what was already done. Still, they all sit scattered on my computer or as scribbles on papers all over the house. Finally, I have decided that they deserve a better place – this blog.

Apart from Philosophy

Aside from philosophy, I would say I am a jack of all trades. I have a lot of hobbies, and I tend to enjoy new experiences in general. My second passion in life is dancing. I am a professional dancer and instructor of Cuban Salsa & Cuban Folklore. My main profession though is software engineering, and I have worked in several tech companies in Israel and Germany.  I am also a seasoned traveler, with more than 2 years of full-time traveling, most of it done in Asia and Latin America. I also enjoy different sports and going to the gym.